2019 Silver Club High Tea

Enjoy these photos from the September 15, 2019 Silver Club High Tea at MIT Endicott House.

Photos: Gretchen Ertl

View of the lawn at Endicott House
Tables at Endicott House
Dennis Scolamiero and Samantha Scolamiero posing for a photo
Backyard view of the Endicott House
Flower Pots at Endicott House
Beautiful backyard at Endicott House
Food Tray
Food at Endicott House
H. Steven Colburn and Theodora Colburn enjoying a moment outside
Table set-up
Tour of the Grounds
President Yvonne Gittens smiling
Marie Senat listening
Carol McKinley chatting
Kathy Doyle enjoying others company
Emily Bassett
Bong Kim enjoying the weather at Endicott House
Yvonne Gittens making a speech
Eileen Francis DesRosiers
Carol Watkins chatting
Backyard of Endicott House
Food Tray
Attendees' Festive Hats
MaryLouise Darrell and Laura Carchia