2020 50-Year Achievers

Join us in welcoming our newest 50-year milestone achievers! We are so proud of the long service that our members have at the Institute, and the love that we share for this place warms our hearts. Congratulations!

Arnold I. Barnett
Sloan School of Management
Nazli Choucri
Department of Political Science
Chathan M. Cooke
Research Laboratory of Electronics
Janet L. Cronin
Corporate Relations - OSATT
Peter S. Donaldson
Literature Section
Leslie A. Finck
Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
Clifton G. Fonstad, Jr.
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Robert Guy Griffin
Department of Chemistry
John H. Harbison
Music and Theater Arts
Peter E. Hicks
Department of Facilities, Mail Services
Robert S. Pindyck
Sloan School of Management
Ronald G. Prinn
Center for Global Change Science
Uttam L. Rajbhandary
Department of Biology
Marie E. Seamon
Institute Events, Conference Services
Lawrence E. Susskind
Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Clifford J. Weinstein
Lincoln Laboratory
Roy E. Welsch
Sloan School of Management