Silver Club High Tea

A table spread for tea.

TBD in 2022. We are very sorry to have had to cancel this event for 2021. We want to make sure that, when we return to in-person events, it is in a safe and celebratory manner. We look forward to seeing you again as soon as it is responsible to do so!

The Silver Club High Tea is a wonderful event where QCC members and guests enjoy a lovely afternoon tea, warm conversation, and (hopefully) a sunny day! Tea service includes traditional light tea sandwiches; pastries; fruit tarts; and petits fours along with assorted teas and coffee. A garden tour will be offered during the tea.

One of our longest-running events, the Silver Club High Tea's nomenclature comes from our predecessor organization, the MIT Silver Club (founded by female MIT employees with long years of service at the Institute), and a British tradition that sounds super fancy.

There is no charge for QCC members to attend the high tea, and we welcome one adult guest per QCC member.
The non-refundable guest admission fee is $20.
Members and guests

Fun fact: our High Tea is actually classified as a "low tea" or afternoon tea, the aristocratic version of tea featuring small sandwiches, appetizers, pastries, and desserts. Though, there is no small amount of scholarly debate between Traci and Anthony as to whether the fullness of the meal, and the seating at dining tables rather than a collection of sofas in a drawing room reclassifies it as a "high tea" despite the presence of finger sandwiches and lack of a main meat dish.