2024 Inductees

The 2024 class of inductees includes 7 new members to date!

Timothy Angelini
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Matthew S. Blythe
Lincoln Laboratory
Carolyn Z. Carrington
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Vito D. Cavallo
Lincoln Laboratory
Michael R. DeBenedictis
MIT Police
Elizabeth F. Fong
Research Administration Services
Rebecca E. Heiser
Resource Development
Duane R. Keegan
MIT Police
Randolph E. Kirchain
Materials Research Laboratory
John Lam
Lincoln Laboratory
Joseph P. Larrivee
Department of Facilities, Recycling and Materials Management
Sundie L. Meroth
Lincoln Laboratory
Robert Tappan Morris
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Sean C. Munnelly
MIT Police
Katherine A. Rink
Lincoln Laboratory
Beverly B. Rodriguez
MIT Medical
Pawan Sinha
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Christina M. Siracusa
Lincoln Laboratory
Franz-Josef Ulm
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mary Jeanne Yuen
MIT Libraries