2022 New Members Welcome Luncheon

Gathered New QCC Members

Friday, June 24, 2022
12 noon to 2:00 pm
MIT Samberg Conference Center
MIT Bldg. E52, 7th Floor
50 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, MA 02142

Shuttle service will be available from Lincoln Laboratory and Haystack Observatory.

Welcome remarks:
Ms. Yvonne L. Gittens, President of the Quarter Century Club
Ms. Ramona B. Allen, Vice President for Human Resources
Melissa G. Choi, Assistant Director, Lincoln Laboratory

Keynote speaker:
Robert Langer '74
David H. Koch Institute Professor

New members only

The Induction Luncheon is a special occasion for QCC inductees and 50-year achievers to celebrate a momentous MIT professional milestone! Each year, we enjoy a sumptuous lunch and a wonderful MIT speaker reflecting on what it means to be a longtime member of the MIT community.