Arts and Crafts

Photo of ceramics

Stained Glass Design (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
“In the beginning, I was so afraid of just touching the glass or, worse still, hurting myself (or others), but soon overcame this fear after I learned how to handle the tools and the various textures of glass. Learning how to use just the right amount of pressure for scoring and snapping the glass was exciting.”

Intermediate and Advanced Pottery (North Shore Clay Studio, Lynn, MA)
“The focus of the pottery class was to prepare for a group exhibit at the Marblehead Arts Association. This event motivated everyone to be creative, as making presentable items for this juried event proved to be quite a challenge. We were able to assemble quite an impressive show. The exhibit was well received and as an added bonus, the gift shop at Marblehead Arts Association now carries my pottery!”

Beaded Jewelry (Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA)
“A beading course that covers multiple techniques in the art of making beaded jewelry and how different types of beads provide visual and color appeal. I learned many different techniques including peyote stitch, herringbone weaving, using double-holed beads to enhance use of color, and choosing clasps and findings that can enrich the final product.”

Basketweaving (private instruction)
“Each basket was very different in style, materials and weaving method. From every class, there was new information and techniques learned.”

All About Veneering (Furniture Institute of Massachusetts, Beverly, MA)
“During this course, I worked on a veneered table top for the Federal Work Table I completed this spring… When I finish this top, it will really be a standout—a mottled cherry center with satinwood cross banding.”

Woodworking Classes (Epic Woodworking)
“Both classes were very useful, covering techniques I was not familiar with. The finishing class covered some new types of finishes...I have successfully used one of them since the class."

Sculpture: Reuse, Recycle, Regenerate Workshop (North Country Studios Workshop, Bennington College)
“It was an energizing experience and gave me lots of thoughts about how to proceed with my sculptural work...I was particularly interested in new ways to create armatures and explored using different kinds of wire and mesh."

The Jerry Fresia Florida Impressionist Painting Workshop (St. Petersburg, Florida)
“We were told to not try to see the object before us. Instead, we should respond only to line and color...we did some of our work in the Studio and some in Plein Air (outdoors)."