Music and Dance

Photo of cellist

Piano Lessons (private instruction)
"We focused on three areas: sight reading, with attention to tempo, fingering, and coordination between left and right hands; Ear-training and transposing; and intervals and chords."

Baroque Ensembles (Longy School of Music, Cambridge)
"Through taking this course I was able to improve my knowledge and skill in interpretation of French Baroque music, which demands a special style and playing technique. Also, I enjoyed becoming acquainted with the work of a composer previously unknown to me."

Jin Yun Dance (Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association)
"Yun is the inner feeling behind a movement. It is deeply connected to the dancer’s breathing and state of mind and uniquely reflects a performer's personality."

Country Western Line Dancing (Arlington Community Education)
"Country Western Line Dancing is good for preventing cognitive decline and improving balance and coordination in older people…It taught the basics but students mastered about ten dances over the course of the nine weeks. The instructor was very experienced in teaching people of limited talent."

"We learned five challenging new dances in six weeks. The course continues to give me an excellent form of both physical and cognitive exercise."

Ballroom Dance (Todos Dance and Fitness Studio, Needham, MA)
"During the lessons, I learned the basics of dancing Jive and Quicksteps. I enjoyed the lessons very much."

Chamber duo sessions (Powers Music School, Belmont, MA)
"My baroque flutist partner and I played several of Chauvon's appreciation of, and knowledge of French Baroque music continues to grow."

Line Dancing (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"Line Dancing has continued to provide stimulation, physical challenge, exercise, and balance training...I have noticed a significant increase in skill over the time I have been taking it."

Viola da gamba lessons (Powers Music School, Belmont, MA)
"In my lessons, I worked on pieces for pardessus (originally for flute or recorder) and basso continuo...I am still learning how to adapt flute and recorder that of a bowed string instrument."