Fitness and Sports

Photo of golfer and golf professional

Advanced Beginner Yoga (Lexington Community Education Center)
“I stand taller and breathe better after each class because of her gentle guidance.”

Fitness for Active Aging Adults (Arlington Community Education)
“This small group class has been the answer to my wishes… I almost wish I could start every day with this class, as I leave it energized and ready to tackle the day!”

PGA Private Golf Lessons (Patriot Golf Course, Bedford)
“They have given me excellent swing throughs and techniques and I have a much improved game with my fairway hybrids and iron play in the bunkers and around the greens using a mix of irons… Ultimately what I learned from the lessons will continue to nurture and increase my love and enjoyment of the game.”

Golf Lessons (Brookline Adult and Community Education Center)
"By the time the course ended, I had developed a fairly consistent and well executed swing. After taking this class, I feel confident in understanding all aspects of the game and capable of going to a golf course and playing a game while being respectful of other players, an important part of the game."

Especially for Women Golf (private instruction)
"I learned a lot, but as a golfer knows, it's a head game. The good news is that once you know the basics you may just have a good day on the course!"

Golf Lessons (Dutch Elm Golf Course, Arundel, ME)
"The instructor helped me to learn how to better control my back to effectively have a more consistent swing and minimize back strain. My golf game has improved as a result."

Gyrotonic Intensive Sessions (Movement Center of Boston)
"Taking Gyrotonic classes regularly has been more beneficial to me, in terms of building strength, flexibility, and coordination, than any other form of exercise. As I age, my goal is to stay as physically active as possible. Taking weekly Gyrotonic classes and workshops is the best way for me to achieve this."
Personal Training Sessions (YMCA, Gold's Gym)
"My cardio endurance and my balance had improved somewhat, I had increased the weight resistance to the arm and leg equipment I was using, and Steve had added some new exercises and increased the number of repetitions I was performing. On top of that, I had lost a few pounds and tightened up some muscles, so I was really feeling good."

Gentle Stretch and Core Strength (Newton Wellesley Hospital Wellness Center)
"Gentle stretch and core strength are added elements to Pilates and Yoga as well as traditional strength training. I found both programs to be useful and helpful, but these additional elements. enhanced the exercise experience for me, and why I continue with this program."

Swimming Lessons (MIT, Boston Sports Club, Miracle Swimming of Sarasota)
"The course was focused on floating, treading, changing body positions and comfort in and around water. It gave me confidence in the water and I am looking forward to taking the next course."
"After learning the basics of breathing and kicking last term, we spent most of this time working on the crawl... we were taught how to breathe on both sides in case we happen to be in the middle of a storm and the waves are blowing the wrong way!"

"I was impressed with the new swimming pool. I learned backstroke, breaststroke, and elementary swimming skills."

"We were very pleased to find that we were losing several inches from our waistlines as a byproduct of this workout program…My stamina and comfort in the water have increased enormously. We look forward to continuing this exercise for many years."

Zumba Gold Aerobics (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"Zumba looked so easy and a lot of fun on TV. When the music began, everyone started moving around so professionally and here I was in the middle of the floor, with mirrors all around not knowing what to do. Now I can almost keep up with the others (who had been attending this Zumba class regularly). Zumba is finally getting to be fun!"

Advanced Beginner Yoga (Lexington Community Education Center)
“The teacher always explains why the pose is beneficial, and why it is important to keep working at it. She also tells us which poses are easy and good to do at home, even for a short period of time."

Gentle Yoga (Lexington Recreation Department)
“The teacher is a wealth of information, and is always encouraging to each of us in our efforts to carry on. There are many things she has taught over the years that I have come to incorporate into my daily routine."

Personal Fitness Training (Waverly Oaks, Waltham, MA)
“Over time I grew stronger. I also learned the proper way to perform exercises that do not require equipment. This was useful because I can do those exercises at home, away from the gym."

Group Fitness Training (Mt. Auburn Club, Watertown, MA)
“It is easier to focus and work hard with a trainer...during the ten weeks, my balance did improve...and I learned ways to build strength."

Active Aging Fitness (Back Bay Fitness)
“This class has been terrific for me. I've always been physically active, but not particularly strong. I've made great improvements in my strength, and can more safely negotiate tasks that involve strength."