Photo of cooking class

Contract Bridge (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"When the course ended we found that the Cambridge Adult Center had no follow-up advanced course and we were rearing to go, so we formed our own bridge club! Five of us met every Wednesday to play for about three hours….This course has definitely added another dimension to my retired life and I am so happy I signed up for it."

Let’s Cook in Umbria (Italy)
“We made Torta al Testo an Umbrian specialty, sort of like pita bread. We stuffed it with a wonderful creamy cheese and spinach. We then rolled out and cut our own tagliatelle.”

Techniques of Cooking I-VI (Cambridge School of Culinary Arts)
“Offered a wide range of cooking skills and recipes that exposed me to a new way of cooking. There are some things that we don’t think seriously about, namely how to hold a knife or how to use the wrist to properly cut food. It’s basic but it’s also important.”

Techniques of Baking (Cambridge School of Culinary Arts)
“I am glad that MIT helped me realize my dream to learn more about baking and add to my baking skills...I am now confident that having made pastry at the School, I can make them at home and deliver perfect pastries every time."

Techniques of Cooking II (Cambridge School of Culinary Arts)
“The highlight of this class was making lasagna noodles, which was something I had always wanted to do."

The Basque way to Tapas: Pintxo (private class, Northern Spain Gastronomy, Bilbao, Spain)
“We made a variety of delicious pintxos, and had so much fun. My favorite was the goat cheese with pink onions."

Hands on Bird Science (Hog Island National Audubon Camp, Bremen, ME)
"We worked side-by-side with experts from across the country and learned how to band birds, track migrants using the latest technology, prepare museum-quality specimens, record bird song and other natural sounds. ... I'm pursuing a retirement program o become a Naturalist, to teach and encourage enjoyment of nature."