Certification Programs

Photo of person receiving a certificate

Fundraising/Development/Capacity-building for Nonprofits (Escne of New England)
"I learned about the importance of the annual fund as the bread-and-butter funding source for many small non-profit organizations (NPOs). The annual fund provides financial stability for an NPO so that they can deliver services to the communities that depend upon them.  The course focused on the communications cycle, including (1) how to compose successful warm-up and solicitation letters; (2) when and how to reach out; and (3) how to evaluate fundraising solicitations. Using a case study, I prepared a plan of action for a small non-profit to ensure its financial stability over a fiscal year and beyond."

Program and Curriculum Design in Adult Learning Courses (Lesley University)
"It is my hope that the workshops I designed can be used to assist parents in both understanding their rights and constructing an IEP document that can provide the needed educational services for their child."

Pharmacy Technician Program (InterCoast Colleges/InterCoast Career Institute of NH)
Included courses in professional development, Pharmacy Fundamentals, Pharmacy Compounding, Pharmacy Calculations, Sterile Product Preparation, Health Care Fundamentals, Anatomy and Physiology, and Pharmacology with completion of externship training.

Drums Alive Teacher Certificate Course (Colby-Sawyer College)
"This exercise and training is improving my physical health, as well as neurological wellbeing. Both of them together are a mind/body experience, and are greatly enhanced by the rhythmical drumming patterns. With the instructor's training, I hope to share this with others of all ages."

Health Coach Training Program (Institute for Integrative Nutrition; online course)
"I think you can see that the issue of improving the health of our children is of vital importance/interest to me. I thank the Institute of Integrative Nutrition for giving me a venue to work in this area as a Certified Health Coach in my community."

Zentangle Teacher Seminar (Immersive program held in Rhode Island)
"The course covered the philosophy of Zentangle, the basics of drawing "tangles," based on five basic strokes, Zentangle as a business, and tips on teaching methods and tools... I am thankful that I had the opportunity to become certified and hope that I can use this method to help myself and others in the future."