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The Psychology of Strong Characters (Grub Street, Boston)
"This class was extremely helpful in taking characters in stories I'm working on and bringing them to the next level. I now have tools I can use to make the characters unique, make their actions more compelling, and make their motivations more interesting to readers."

The Messy Essay (Grub Street, Boston)
"By the end of this class, I had a clear understanding of what a narrative essay is and some points to keep in mind when working on one."

Happy Neurons: Writing Sensory Detail That's Truly Sensory (Grub Street, Boston)
"I continue to work on my own creative writing and this class gave me some more tools to work with and also taught me how to use them wisely."

Basics of Writing Book Reviews (Grub Street, Boston)
"I would like to go back to writing book reviews, something I did extensively earlier in my career... I left feeling I had the skills and confidence to move forward with approaching editors and developing a reputation again."

Basics of Writing Book Reviews (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"The instructor combined both blogging and social media into one, packed presentation. I am in the process of building a website and marketing myself as a freelance writer... the strategies were invaluable..."

Writing from Your Own Experience (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"I took the course because, as an experienced science journalist, I wanted to learn how to incorporate personal stories, including my own, into my writing, as a way of making science topics more compelling and accessible."

How to Write and Sell Your Op-Ed (Grub Street, Boston)
"With this background, I felt confident to begin approaching local newspapers and online publications, revising previously written pieces and drafting new ones on mental health issues."

Op-Ed Writing and Accelerating Ideas (The Op-Ed Project, NY)
“It was primarily a very dynamic set of exercises designed to encourage women, particularly women of color to articulate ideas and shape them into op-ed worthy content and network to gain credibility and skill.”

Creative Writing (Massasoit Community College)
“I learned to describe the surrounding impacting the story and characters’ thoughts and feelings. We were taught to explain how the characters’ feelings change as the story moves along. Their thoughts and reactions can be a very important part of the story.”

Building Your Blog (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"The strategies were invaluable, including about how to network, how to build credentials, and how to get recognition amid the thousands of other writers out there."

Writing from Your Own Experience (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"I have found writing from personal experience to be an important skill, one that makes my personal writing, as well as writing for publication, more compelling. The support of the class and its instructor have been invaluable."