Foreign Languages

Image of "Hello" signs in various langauges

Latin American Women Writers (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"I loved the authors who used humor and irony to present the horrors of what was happening in their country... This course gave me many hours of enjoyable reading and insights into the lives of women in different countries of Latin America during different time periods."

Cinema and Conversation in Spanish (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"In addition to enhancing my Spanish, I continue to learn a lot about films and have new appreciation for things such as lighting, camera angles, sound, etc. I no longer watch them just for the story... I have never felt so comfortable expressing my opinions in class... It is such good practice in speaking... I learned a part of history of my own country that was new to me."

Latin American Literature (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"In addition to the opportunity to read new stories and authors, I am meeting and exchanging ideas with different groups of students each term. Most of the students are considerably younger than I am and so often they have different viewpoints from mine."

"I love the stories, the opportunity to read new authors, the opportunity to have an intellectual discussion in Spanish and the instructor is fantastic. I hope she continues to offer the class with different stories for a long time to come."

Italian (Orbit Lingua School in Italy)
"I don't consider myself fluent yet, but I am continually increasing my confidence and will keep trying to improve my skills, thanks to the school and my very skilled teacher Valentina. In retirement, it is important to keep learning, to maintain connections with family, to meet new people, and engage with life. These Italian classes have helped me with all of that."

Italian (private instruction)
"We start each lesson with a conversation about what we have been doing. I am delighted to have the instructor correct my mistakes on the spot. Sometimes these errors turn into mini-lessons on grammar and often lead to an assignment covering that grammatical point... I am really learning a lot from the mistakes I make. My confidence in speaking Italian is growing thanks to these lessons."

Spanish Advanced Reading & Conversation (Cambridge Center for Adult Education)
"I was happy to see that he included many authors that were new to me, and lesser-known stories of those...I was familiar with. As always, the discussions in class were informative and fun."

"There was a number of us old-timers but again there was a nice balance with younger students. They are so much more comfortable speaking than we are. There was one particularly articulate student. I noticed the brass rat on her finger!"